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Tourism Partnerships

  • Asheville Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • City of Durham
  • City of Raleigh
  • City of Richmond
  • City of Virginia Beach
  • City of Winston-Salem
  • Greater Augusta Sports Council
  • Greater Chattanooga Sports and Events Committee
  • Greater Cincinnati Sports Commission
  • Greater Columbus Sports Commission
  • Greater Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce
  • Greater Louisville Sports Commission
  • New York City Sports Commission
  • North Carolina Amateur Sports
  • North Carolina Department of Commerce
  • Philadelphia Sports Congress
  • Rhode Island Sports Council
  • Richmond Sports Backers
  • San Diego International Sports Council
  • Seminole County, Florida
  • State of Maryland Sports Development
  • Triangle Sports Commission
  • Visit Fairfax Sports Marketing
  • West Michigan Sports Commission
  • Winston-Salem Sports Commission

Sport Governing Bodies

  • U.S. Olympic Committee
  • USA Baseball
  • USA Field Hockey
  • USA Swimming

Sports Tourism

Case Studies

Philadelphia Sports Congress

America's 5th largest city had seen a resurgence and was interested in making its presence known on the international front. Towards that end, the City's Sports Commission, the Philadelphia Sports Congress (PSC), was picked to coordinate a bid for the 2016 Olympic Games. In turn, the Sports Congress selected SPI to serve as its lead consultant on the Games bid.

SPI assisted the PSC with Olympic family contacts and relationships, research and analysis, strategic planning positioning, bid documentation and writing, and securing additional expertise for the bid team. Philadelphia was acknowledged as the US bid city with the most compact venue plan.

Chicago's selection as the US candidate city for the 2016 Games underscored Philadelphia's need to develop a stronger resume in Olympic sports. SPI was subsequently retained to assist the PSC in developing a multi-year Olympic sport event and development plan to address this issue.

USA Field Hockey

With a new Executive Director and a more pro-active and growth oriented direction for the organization, USA Field Hockey needed a new marketing plan to match the vision of its leadership.

SPI developed a comprehensive marketing plan for the national governing body that focused on promoting USA Field Hockey and driving new and increased revenues. Towards that end, the plan included merchandising, sponsorships, events, and even naming rights at the USA Field Hockey national training center. SPI also emphasized the need for a re-branding effort and the new organizational name reflects SPI's recommendation in that regard.

Greater Augusta Sports Council

In 2007, the Greater Augusta Sports Council was scheduled to formulate the fifth generation of its 3-year strategic plan, a process the sports commission instituted beginning with its launch in 1992. In the past, the Sports Council had either done its planning internally or relied on a traditional facilitator from outside the sports tourism industry. This latter method resulted in a significant amount of valuable planning time being spent on trying to educate the outside facilitator on the industry.

SPI facilitated the latest Sports Council strategic planning process and helped develop the new plan. SPI was able to bring deep industry knowledge and experience to the table. SPI was able to include the latest in industry trends and benchmarking from relevant industry organizations. SPI performed a competitive analysis and also included a broad base of Sports Council constituents - including hoteliers and local sports organizers. In addition to the new strategic plan, SPI delivered a complete industry report designed to facilitate the Sports Council's implementation of the plan.